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Project Gaining a Common Perspective for an European gendered democratic Policy - GCPEP

Center of Women's Studies and Policies collected the articles and presentations of the Academic Conferene Gender and Transition 1938-1958, held within the project lifetime. The compendium will be published in Bulgarian language.

For more information about the topics presented and discussed on gender, transition, women's movement and organizations, legislation and charity, women prisonners in camps and representations of women in Bulgaria within the remarkable period of 1938-1958 we provide some information about the content of the compendium in English:


Women in Public, Economic and Cultural Life (1938 - 1958 )

  • Changes in the Economic and Social Status of Women in Bulgaria (1938 - 1958 ), Rossitsa Rangelova
  • Transition and Family Legislation in Bulgaria (30-50-s of the ХХ century), Svetla Baloutzova
  • Women in Award System in Bulgaria (30 - 50-s of the ХХ century), Georgeta Nazarska
  • Municipal Services and Involvement of Women Initiative in Charity and Social Work, Kristina Popova
  • Women Agronomist and Teachers on Housekeeping in Farms in the Program "Model Village" (1937 - 1944 ), Мilena Angelova
  • Traditions and Innovations in Rhodopian Womens' Life in the Period of Transition (1938 - 1958 ), Nadya Velcheva
  • Women Camps' Prisoners. The Collective Memory of One Generation, Ana Luleva 
  • The Staffing File of One Woman Archivist in the Central Studio for Chronicle and Documentary Films (June 1949 - May 1951), Marijana Piskova
  • Women in Labour Cooperative Agricultural Farms or How the Policy for Gender Equality was Implemented in the Bulgarian Village, Yana Yancheva
  • Expansion of the "Private Space" in the Public Sphere (Magazine "Woman today" 1954-1958),  Joana Pavlova

Organization of women and women in organizations

  • Tutored Representation of Women in Bulgaria (1944 - 1958), Iliana Marcheva
  • Women Associations in the Second Half of the 40s: One Male Initiative for Women's Equality, Nurie Muratova
  • Marginalization of Women in the "Associations of the Fighters against Fascism" in the 40s - 50s years of the ХХ century - the Old Patriarchalism in a New Antifascist Rhetoric, Petar Vodenicharov
  • Women's Movement of the Town of Rousse in Transition, Reneta Roshkeva
  • The Women in Red: The Committee of the Movement of Bulgarian Women and the Development of Progressive Women's Movements in Africa and Asia, 1980-1985., Kristen Ghodsee


  • Expansion of the Women Labour: Reproduction and Professional Realization, Katia Vladimirova
  • The Overcoming of the Gender during the First Decade after the 9th of September 1944 - the Utopic Culmination of the Marxist Feminism, Gergana Popova
  • Soc Feminities and Soc Masculinities: Heroes and Simulations, Ralitsa Muharska
  • The State Feminism of the State Socialism: contradictio in terminis?!, Krassimira Daskalova

Summaries of articles and presentations

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Gaining a Common Perspective for a European gendered democratic Policy (GCPEP)
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