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Module for V-VII class
Course on gender equality

Equal at school - Equal in Life



My name is Lilly and I am 13 years old. I like drawing and listening to music and also to watch Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. My favourite subject is biology, but I want to become a graphic designer, because I love working with computers.


My name is Danny and I am 12 but soon I will be 13. I enjoy riding a bike and playing computer games. My favourite subject is history - I want to become an archeologist and find out the coolest treasures in our country.



But it's not always possible to find everything that you want.

One day in class we talked about human rights and our teacher mentioned that in the world there are still countries, where people do not enjoy their rights. And in some countries girls and women are even not allowed to go to school or vote. He explained that in such countries there is no gender equality.

We asked if there is gender equality in our country. The teacher explained that our Constitution and the other laws give equal rights to men and women. This means that if, for example, a man and a woman work the same job they should receive the same salary. Or that there should be men and women among the people in power in our country.



Then I asked:

"Why then my Granny always says "It's not a man's job", when Dad wants to do dishes?"
„А защо баба винаги казва „Това не е мъжка работа", когато татко иска да измие чиниите?"

And then the classroom turned into a talking hell. Everyone had their opinion or wanted to ask another question. But though everyone wanted to there was hardly anyone who could give any argument or fact.


It turned out that we know very little about the relationships between boys and girls. Well, we all know where kids come but is it only love and sex that relates people?

How it come that boys and girls can't stand each other at school? Girls say that "boys are jerks" and boys think that "girls are always whining". Is that really so and are all boys and girls such?

And then, when they grow up - how will they behave in their own families or at work?


And so we decided to look for more information and then continue our discussion in class. It's not so easy to find facts about Bulgarian women in our textbooks or in the Internet. So, we asked our friends at the CWSP to make this page together. Here you can find 5 "lessons" with many challenging questions or tasks for fun and various interesting facts. Be sure that you will learn, just like us, interesting and curious things as well as some food for thought. And you will start asking yourselves many questions, which you have never thought about before?  














This training module on gender equality for school students is developed under the project "Equal at School - Equal in Life", financed by the European Youth Foundation to the Council of Europe in the framework of the "All Different, All Equal" European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation; the Directorate on Culture and Education of Sofia Municipality and CWSP's own resources. 


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For students
V-VII class
Course on gender equality
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V-VII class
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Project "Equal at School - Equal in Life"
Project “Equal at School – Equal in Life”

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