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Lesson 1



 1. Finish the sentence. Use the feedback window at the bottom:

"Superheroes and superheroines are similar in... but different in ...".

From the text about Sailor Moon in the section "Did you know that?" it's clear that the authors of cartoons have realised what is missing in their stories and tried to fill in this gap. But how are the female characters developed?

Do you think that to attract more girls to watch TV cartoons with interesting superheroines it's enough just to switch the role - and the girls to be bossy while the boys be clumsy and stupid? Isn't it just shifting of one stereotype with another, which is just as far from the reality?

If you like such challenging brain-exericising questions you can find some more below.

2. Choose a question interesting for you and write a short essay.

Send it to the well-known address: e-school@cwsp.bg

  • Do you think male and female superheroes are stereotypical?
  • Which of their features could be negative and which positive?
  • Do you think that superheroes reflect the real characteristics of boys and girls?
  • What could happen if most of the TV programs show stereotypical images of girls and boys?
  • What is the role of the toys - superheroes? Are they strengthening the stereotypes?
  • If you have little brother or sister and they play with such toys what could you say? Are they imagining their own stories or repeat the cartoon's stories?



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