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Project Gaining a Common Perspective for an European gendered democratic Policy - GCPEP
Transnational meetings

Transnational meetings of the project team were organized as work sessions of participants for getting an impression of the host country and especially a more detailed picture of the partner's organizations and their fields of activities and for visiting places and institutions, related to the topics. Special input of partners were their contributions in each of the transnational meetings referring to the subject of gender equity and exchange, dialogue and discussion between partners on the inputs and impressions of sharing knowledge, experience and feelings and opportunities to express the sudden insights faced with diversity of partner countries and biographies of women from Eastern and Western Europe from the period 1938-1958, presented in the project.
Main aim of the meetings was to formulate common European values, to share the diverse experiences of women in Europe, to communicate and exchange thoughts and feelings on common values and possibilities for transforming this experience in scientific approach for learning democratic society trough historical and political gendered perspective.

First Transnational Meeting took place in Bonn, Germany from 11.12 to 14.12.2009. Partners discussed the common subject, project management aspects and plan for project inplementation. Topic of the meeting was: " Common Roots of European History. Women's Perspective on the Roots of Euroepan History".

Second Transnational Meeting took place in Athens, Greece from 23.04. to 26.04.2010. Topic of the meeting: "Remembering Stories in the Spiral of Time". Participants discussed the gender perspective in retolding and rethinking of history, past history and present visions of a gendered democracy in Eastern and Western Europe.

Third Transnational Meeting took place in Aarhus, Denmark from 17.09. to 19.09.2010. Topic for discussions was: "Violance against Women in War Time". The excahnge was enriched with a presentation of a collection of the Women's Museum in Aaarhus and perception of women's history in the museum with special attention to violance.

Fourth Transnational Meeting, held in Sofia, Bulgaria from 8.04. to 10.04.2011 was dedicated to "Political Participation of Women in the period 1938-1958".

Fifth Transnational Meeting took place in Tallinn, Estonia from 17.06 to 20.06.2011. Topic for presentations was:" Women and women organization in Education and Culture".

Visit of CWSP team in Women's Museum in Aarhus:

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Gaining a Common Perspective for a European gendered democratic Policy (GCPEP)
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Transnational meetings
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