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Project European Awereness Raising Campaign on Cyberbullying


The project through the cooperation of the international partners  contribute to developing a common approach to risk-prevention, information and guidelines to families, parents, children and other relevant stakeholders.

Project Coordinator:

Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union - COFACE


COFACE is coordinating eight partners from different European countries, who share the same interest, namely to raise awareness to the issue, develop some tools to help prevent, and make early intervention  possible, as well as to empower victims.

There is already knowledge about what this phenomenon is, and what can be done, but we as COFACE are bringing in the new element, which is the communication within the family about this issue, examining the role of parents and other family members, as well as looking at the family situation, and how some may be more conducive to allowing children to fall victims to Cyberbullying than others.

European Partners:

ASGECO-Confederación (Consumers' Confederation), Spain

BeatBullying (Anti-bullying Organisation), UK

CWSP (Center for Women's Studies and Policies), Bulgaria


Gezinsbond (Flemish Leagues of Families), Belgium


Isadora Duncan (Foundation of One-Parent families), Spain


KMOP (Family and Childcare Center), Greece


Väestöliitto (Family Federation), Finland


Kék Vonal, Hungary



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