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Project Activities
Questionnaires' Results, Documentary, Forums

Within the joint projectYoung women are building bridges for EU the project partners distributed about a 600 questionnaires among students in Middle East Technical University METU/Ankara, Sofia University “Saint Kliment Ohridski” and the University of Nimes. The results were summarized by the Turkish partner organization and presented during the three forums in the three partner countries. More

The documentary, prepared within the project, presents the opinions of the students from the universities in Ankara, Sofia and Nimes on the following questions asked by the reporters:


  1. Are there any provisions in the national legislation that guarantee gender equality and do you think they are effective?
  2. Are you informed how and to what extend gender equality is guaranteed in Bulgaria, Turkey and France?
  3. Do you think that the EU membership guarantee more gender equality?
  4. What is your opinion about the candidature of Turkey for EU membership?

A number of forums in Ankara, Sofia and Nimes gathered young students to inform them with the results of the inquiries and interviews, carried out by the partner organizations - CWSP (Bulgaria), CEDIF (France) and the project coordinator Flying Broom (Turkey). The interviews that had been shot in the three universities demonstrate young people’s knowledge and awareness on gender issues within the context of the EU enlargement process.


More about the forums:




Ankara Forum

METU, 20 April 2006





Sofia Forum - I

Sofia University, 18 May 2006






Sofia Forum - II

New Bulgarian University, 19 October 2006





Nimmes Forum

Vauban University, 17 November 2006





Ankara Final Forum 

METU, 21 December 2006





The brochure, prepared by the project partners summarizes information on the project, partner organizations, chronology of the EU commitments to gender equality, affirmative measures and financial support for promoting gender equality in EU, the integration process of Bulgaria, the candidature of Turkey and the membership of France in the Union as well as contact information.


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Projects 2006
Project "Young Women are Building Bridges for EU"
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Questionnaires' Results, Documentary, Forums
Ankara Forum
Sofia Forum - І
Sofia Forum - II
Nimes Forum
Final Forum in Ankara
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Project "Young Women are Building Bridges for EU"
Young Women are Building Bridges for EU

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