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The first forum was held on 20-th of April 2006 in Ankara. 120 students, women NGOs, professors and official guests met in the Cultural Center of METU. The Ankara Forum presented for first time the documentary with interviews shot in the Universities’ campuses, reflecting the young students’ point of view on national legislation and policies on gender equality in the three countries and the role of the EU for adoption and effective appliance of the national legislation that can guarantee equal opportunities for women and men. The film shows the student’s opinion on the prospects for the candidacy of Turkey for EU membership and its positive influence on gender equality in Turkey.


The Ankara Forum provided an excellent opportunity for discussions about feminism in Turkey and chances women NGOs to cooperate and work jointly on improving gender equality in Turkey.




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Projects 2006
Project "Young Women are Building Bridges for EU"
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Ankara Forum
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Project "Young Women are Building Bridges for EU"
Young Women are Building Bridges for EU

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