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On the 21 of December 2006 in the Cultural Center of Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey was held the final forum under the joint project named Young Women are Building Bridges for EU Partnership. The forum was opened with a slide show, named Harmony of Colors which presented historically the Anatolian womens achievements in the field of science, art, public and political life and some facts about the efforts of the womens organizations for the adoption of gender equality legislation in Turkey.


The partner organizations – Center of Womens Science and Politics, Bulgaria, Documentation and Information Center for Women (CEDIFF), France and the project coordinator Flying Broom (Uçan Süpürge), Turkey presented the joint project phases. The moderator of the meeting – Ms. Selen Dogan, talked about the aim of the project and its activities. Ms. Urun Guner, coordinator summarized the results of the forums held in Ankara, Sofia and Nimes and the main conclusions from them.


On behalf of the Bulgarian partner, Ms. Roza Dimova (coordinator for CWSP) reviewed the main stages of the European integration process and the national gender equality policy and integration, Ms. Magdanela Delinesheva talked about the political representation of women and the efforts of women’s networks in Bulgaria, and. Mariana Draganova, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow from the Institute of Sociology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, presented the results of two sociological surveys on rural women and women entrepreneurs.


The guests from France shared their experience from the joint work with the partners from Turkey and Bulgaria. Géraldine Despaty presented the organizational structure of the Documentation and Information Center for Women (CEDIFF) and its activities. Nicole Kizik emphasized that the joint project among the three countries built a real partnership for knowledge, education and active citizenship. Michel Clemente talked about the good practice from the project of the University of Montpellier III for encouragement of gender equality, financed by the European Social Fund.


A survey on the history and structure of the feminists’ organizations in Turkey was presented by Ayse Gonulu, a Ph.D. student at METU and member of the research team


The main conclusions of the partners were that:

  • The joint work for the project implementation was an excellent opportunity for the partners to establish strong partnership relations and to share best practices between them for successfully continuing the on-going debate on gender equality issues in the three countries, which are at different stages of their EU integration process.
  • Although the different cultural and socio-political realities in the three countries, the partners did their best to convey the most important messages of the project, aiming at raising the awareness of young people on gender equality issues.
  • The forums in Ankara, Sofia and Nimes were examples for the cooperation of the NGO sector, university professors and students in the initiatives dedicated to extend common knowledge and experience.
  • The partners’ joint work within the 10 months project gave them the extraordinary possibility to learn a lot from each other and to improve the methodology of the non-formal education on human rights and find suitable approaches to young people in order to attract their interest to gender equality issues.
  • The project gave the partners a chance to discover the multicultural diversity and start building bridges between generations, traditions and challenges of the present and the values of the Western and the Eastern cultures by using the direct contact, the new technologies and visual arts.  

The partners expressed their hope to continue their work for:


  1. Including gender equality programs at all levels of the formal educational system.
  2. Establishing missions based in the universities and the schools for direct work with young people.
  3. Doing more researches and surveys on identification of the young peoples problems related to gender inequalities, sex discrimination, sexism and prostitution and improving their expertise for providing direct consultations and services for conflicts resolution.
  4. Implementing more joint projects on raising the awareness on gender equality issues and stimulating young people’s active citizenship.  
  5. Facilitating the joint efforts of the executive power and NGOs for the implementation of the gender mainstreaming principle in all policies and programs at national level.
  6. Establishing more operational networks of organizations at national level working on gender equality as well as maintaining long term partnerships at European level.

On closing the meeting the hosts once again expressed their hope for further extending the established fruitful partnership.

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Project "Young Women are Building Bridges for EU"
Young Women are Building Bridges for EU

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