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Project “Equal at School – Equal in Life”
About the project

This project, implemented from January to June 2007, is part of the larger initiative “Equal at School – Equal in Life” of the CWSP for promoting the introduction of gender perspective and issues in the process of education.

The main aims of the initiative are:

  • To contribute for the elimination of gender stereotypes, still widespread even among children;
  • To provide the educators’ community with some practical tools for use in the classroom and outside it;
  • To promote gender equality in the process of education of responsible future citizens of the democratic society.

The project included several main activities for awareness-raising of the representatives of the educators’ community regarding gender equality issues in education:

  • Series of events: Roundtable for representatives of the educators’ community, Pilot lesson for school students and TOT for teachers and volunteers;
  • Training module for school students;
  • Information leaflet;
  • Collection of international documents and successful practices.
This project of CWSP launches a series of joint activities with national and international partners aiming at awareness-raising of school students, teachers and parents in gender issues as well as developing successful models for mainstreaming gender in the process of education.

The project under the initiative “Equal at School – Equal in Life” of the CWSP is financed by:




The project "Equal at School - Equal in Life" is financed by the European Youth Foundation to the Council of Europe in the framework of the "All Different, All Equal" European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation; the Directorate on Culture and Education of Sofia Municipality and CWSP's own resources. 



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Projects 2007
Project "Equal at School - Equal in Life"
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