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Project “Equal at School – Equal in Life”
Training module

The central activity under the project is the development of a short training programme on gender equality "Equal at School - Equal in Life" designed for students from V-VII class. The programme builds on already developed materials by CWSP as well as other sources - translated and Bulgarian. The topics, organized in a Student's Book, are distributed in 5 activities/lessons including relevant exercises, glossary and texts for further reading. They cover concepts like: gender and sex, gender roles and stereotypes, gender patterns in the family, gender equality and inequality, gender-based discrimination, paid work and unpaid care for children and old people, household work, sharing obligations, human rights and responsibilities, women's human rights, violence against women.

The training programme was developed with the help of experts from Albania, Romania and Turkey, who consulted the contents of the programme and provided overviews on the situation in their countries regarding the integration of gender equality in education. More about the partners and the overviews.

The training materials include a Teacher's Book - a training manual for the teacher and/or volunteer with lesson plans, additional information and references for other sources.

The teaching strategy is based on discussion and group work and/or role play. All materials are developed in an easy to reproduce format and are available to download from CWSP's website for free use by the teachers in their classes for optional instruction and hour of the class.

In order to help the teachers to find easily the relevant Bulgarian legislation and strategic papers on secondary education, a special handbook was prepared with excerpts from the fundamental EU and UN instruments, as well as Bulgarian legislation and policies, related to gender equality.

The training programme has an online version in the special section on our website - E-School. The online module for V-VII class includes an extended version of the materials from the student's book with exercises designed in an interactive form as well as additional reading on the topic. The system allows automatically sending the answers of the online tests and the questions for reflection. They are received directly by the CWSP's training experts with the option to involve an external trainer - teacher or volunteer. The online module has its special section for students, teachers and parents.

Visit our online training module. Share your opinion - we appreciate it!





The project "Equal at School - Equal in Life" is financed by the European Youth Foundation to the Council of Europe in the framework of the "All Different, All Equal" European Youth Campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and Participation; the Directorate on Culture and Education of Sofia Municipality and CWSP's own resources. 


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Projects 2007
Project "Equal at School - Equal in Life"
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Training module
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